Alzheimer’s Association of Kenya was started in 2007 by caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients with the aim of starting a support group to help other caregivers affected by the disease. With time the needs of the caregivers have changed as there are many more challenges being faced by the caregivers and thus there was need to change the organisation to become a Non- Governmental Organisation. In January 2016, Alzheimer’ and Dementia Organsiation Kenya was created.

A stakeholders meeting to elect ADOK and the following office bearers were elected:-
1. Chairperson – Elizabeth Mutunga
2. Secretary – Susan Mwangi
3. Treasurer – Winfred Mbithe Reuben

ADOK has extensively been doing awareness creation of support groups and advocacy. We are in the process of collaborating with the ADI for research purposes.

Our main goal is to provide Dementia and Alzheimer’s trainings to caregivers and healthcare professionals and the public in general. Advocating for the inclusion of Dementia and Alzheimer’s care in the key government health strategies, providing a range of programs that address issues of accessibility, affordability and quality Dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

 Awareness,
 Advocacy,
 support group for care givers
Home visits
Life coping skills training

One of the major issues that has affected families that have a patient with Alzheimer’s disease is lack of information. This has cause stigma and many families end up suffering . Creating public Awareness is therefore our major objectives so that people can understand what the disease is, the symptoms and how to ensure that the patient gets quality life that is improved. This also helps the public deal with their fear of mental disorder, The primary objective is to raise public awareness throughout Kenya, with the hope of eliminating the fear caused by Dementia and Alzheimer’s mental disorder.