CEO & Founder

Elizabeth is a trained psychotherapist & HR practitioner.  She is also and an Alzheimer’s soldier. Elizabeth developed interest in Alzheimer’s disease after her father was diagnosed in 2007. At the time the disease was a mystery to her and her family. Therefore, in trying to understand how best to cope with the disease and care for the father better, she started looking for a support group where she could plug in and get support, encouragement and walk with other caregivers.  The passion to continue helping other caregivers cope with the care of their loved ones was born in this journey and it led her to start a support group that could reach out to more people after her father succumbed to the disease 2009.  The support group has been running since 2013 once a month.

She is passionate about ensuring that families and their loved ones who have dementia understand the disease.   Thus  through  ADOK where she is a founder,   she uses the platform to ensure  that awareness is created about  Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease and stigma associated with Alzheimer’s is reduced and Kenya has Alzheimer’s/ Dementia friendly communities.