Power of Sharing – Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Each day as I create awareness there are new lessons to learn. Yesterday I learnt about the power of sharing… Many times we think we are the only ones going through a difficult moment until we start sharing then we realise …wow there is someone else going through a greater challenge than we are and this teaches us to be grateful .

Sharing also helps us realise that we are not alone there are others we can lean on…. A shoulder to cry on moves you from a desperate situation to a position of ‘I can make it’…. What changed your perception? the power of sharing …..

Let us always lean on each other for support…

As Alzheimer’s disease caregivers let us learn to share our challenges so we can be heard to create the change we want to see.

Do you know anyone who needs uplifting due to the challenges of Alzheimer’s caregiving? We are here to help as we have been through it and we understand…

Have a hopeful day

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