#RememberMe #WAM 2016 Creating Awareness on Alzheimer’s Disease

I was affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and that is why I talk about my experience so I can help other people affected by the disease. My father was affected by the disease and for a long time I did not understand what the problem was.  My dad was very loving gentleman…he took time to read stories for us as his children .. such as Chicken Licken,  the Elves and the shoemaker, Snow white and seven dwarfs…  It is because of his love for books that I got an award in High School as the best in English subject..  I remember him standing proud and tall next to me  together with my mum as I received my award in form 1.

At 17 years one is at the prime of their age and to have responsibilities of ensuring school fees is paid, there is food in the house and there is rent can be a tall order.  Initally I was very angry for very long as I felt life was unfair…  I felt that I should have been enjoying my life and not having to struggle to make ends meet.

Today when I look back to the years that looked so dark little did I know that I was being prepared for who I would be today… In January this year I lost my job.  I was given a redundancy letter this shocked me as I was lost as I wondered which way forward .  After the shock I decided to pick my self up  and start offering volunteer counselling services at Faraja Cancer Centre..  While I was there I decided to continue  creating awareness on Alzheimer’s disease…  yes I lost my Job but I found my passion ….  the resilience of when I was 17 years has borne fruits

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